Peripheral neuropathy is one of the disorders today that is reversible. Yes, it really is possible, however, it will take lots of work and effort, major changes in lifestyle and diet, along with nutritional supplements.

The actual cause of peripheral neuropathy is tissue necrosis or tissue death caused by decreased blood flow. In order to heal the neuropathy, this must be reversed. For those who have diabetes, what causes neuropathy is the elevated blood sugar levels. Because the sugar molecules are sharp, it damages the endothelium of the capillaries therefore causing scars in the tissue and this eventually leads to tissue death.

causes of peripheral neuropathy

Circulation must be re-established, new capillaries must be developed, and anything that causes or caused the problem must be reversed. As mentioned above, it really takes a lot of effort and sacrifice because you are required to change your diet and lifestyle. You also need to consult a doctor so you will be examined and have your needs prioritized. It usually takes about 12 months to treat most chronic degenerative disorders. If neurofibrillary tangles are present, then the case is less reversible. This is a state wherein the regrown nerve produces fibrous bundles of nerves that becomes very painful. This condition typically occurs after surgery where nerves have been incised.

Reversing Peripheral Neuropathy

These are the steps in reversing peripheral neuropathy: know the cause, eliminate it and re-establish the blood circulation. It is that simple. Drugs are not totally the answer but they may provide palliative treatment, however they do not reverse the entire condition. A traditional doctor will typically instruct you to take dietary supplements during the restoration process, these are intended to restore the circulation and reverse the course of the disease. The doctor will also give you a series of physical and mental exercises that must be included in your daily routine, depending on the cause of the neuropathy. It takes immense time and effort but it surely beats the alternative

Although some of the patients may accomplish this on their own, it is required that one must have a thorough understanding of how the body should work, and also how adjunctive therapies can be used to help the body heal. One of the most used treatments today is anodyne therapy. People who have peripheral neuropathy greatly suffer because their condition is very painful and incapacitating as if they are experiencing hell on earth. Just think about it, a year full of hard work and determination is surely worth the effort to reverse this awful state even by a little and anodyne therapy can really help you achieve this goal.

anodyne therapy for peripheral neuropathy

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